Anti Ragging Squad


The SFI Central Executive Committee vehemently opposes the growing culture of ragging on campuses. The latest incident of Brutal ragging comes from the Jadavpur University of West Bengal, resulting in the tragic death of a student, Swapnadeep Kundu. On the issue, SFI is on ground leading the struggles demanding proper actions against the culprits and to create ragging free campuses.

We are committed to foster safe and inclusive environments for all students. In response, SFI is taking proactive measures by establishing an Anti-Ragging Squad to combat ragging. This will be composed of SFI leaders at all levels, working collectively to eradicate ragging from educational institutions. SFI leaders will assist the victims of ragging and will provide unwavering support to them. For this, SFI is proposing to all the students to make use of the SFI Central helpline no: 8130764595, in case of need.

Released by
V P Sanu (President, SFI)
Mayukh Biswas (General Secretary, SFI)